A Robust Dielectric Feeding Concept for Harsh Environmental TLPR Antennas

Christoph Baer, Christian Schulz, Ilona Rolfes, Thomas Musch

44th IEEE Eu­ropean Micro­wa­ve Week (EuMW), pp. 297-300, DOI: 10.1109/EuRAD.2014.6991266, Roma, Italy, Oct 5 - Nov 10, 2014


In this contribution a novel dielectric waveguide setup is introduced that enables the transition between radar front ends and antennas in harsh environments. Apart from the good propagation behavior it provides a nearly dispersion free transmission over large distances. Furthermore, it can be used as an electrical insulator in places with critical creep distances. Fundamentals concerning the ideal propagation mode and adequate waveguide-fiber transitions are presented. Results of electromagnetic simulations as well as measurements on a manufactured dielectric waveguide are discussed in detail. The presented excellent propagation behavior proves the effectiveness of the proposed setup.

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tags: antenna feeds, dielectric waveguides